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A passionate music educator and director, Luke has had the privilege of having many wonderful teachers who passed on the tools to finding your own success and your own sound, and that is what he strives to give to his students. Drawing from a wealth of teaching and performance experience, he endeavours to ensure all his students are taking daily steps towards improvement, and that they all make progress from one stage to the next at whatever level they are playing.

Luke opperates a private teaching studio in Melbourne, Australia and also offers online consultations through

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Masterclasses with Renowned International Artists in Melbourne, Australia

Driven by the desire to continue bringing world class artistry and education to Melbourne, Luke launched "Melbourne Masterclasses" in 2018. Regular courses with visiting international artists are held throughout the year and provide local students with the opportunity to perform in both a private and public setting with the advice and guidance of these esteemed musicians.

Teaching: About
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