Little birds of the night (2019) 5'

for soprano saxophone + oboe + piano

based on text by Stephen Crane

commissioned for Duo Obax

FP: June 9 2019, Elder Conservatorium of Music, Adelaide, South Australia


“...when the world was young” (2018) 8'

for cello + piano 

FP: October 21 2018, Olinda, Victoria 


Beneath the Surface (2018) 12’ 

for soprano + string quartet 

commissioned by Kelsey Cotton 

FP: June 3 2018, Chapell Off Chapel, Melbourne, Australia 


Nocturne (2017) 3' 

for piano solo 

written for Elyane Laussade 

FP: 14 September, 2017, Laussade Studio, Melbourne, Australia 


The Floods (2012) 10' 

for children's chorus SSA + piano 

text "The Floods" by Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) 

commissioned by Andrew Wailes and The Australian Children's Choir 


Nunquam Alieno (2010) 7'30" 

for children's chorus SSA + piano 

text by the composer 

commissioned by The Australian Children's Choir in commemoration of the Black Saturday Bushfires in Victoria, Australia in February 2009 

FP: 2010, by The Australian Children's Choir, BMW Edge, Melbourne, Australia 


Ulysses (2010) 2'30" 

for SSATBB chorus 

based on text by Alfred Lord Tennyson