Little birds of the night (2019) 5'

for soprano saxophone + oboe + piano

based on text by Stephen Crane

commissioned for Duo Obax

FP: June 9 2019, Elder Conservatorium of Music, Adelaide, South Australia


“...when the world was young” (2018) 8'

for cello + piano 

FP: October 21 2018, Olinda, Victoria 


Beneath the Surface (2018) 12’ 

for soprano + string quartet 

commissioned by Kelsey Cotton 

FP: June 3 2018, Chapell Off Chapel, Melbourne, Australia 


Nocturne (2017) 3' 

for piano solo 

written for Elyane Laussade 

FP: 14 September, 2017, Laussade Studio, Melbourne, Australia 


The Floods (2012) 10' 

for children's chorus SSA + piano 

text "The Floods" by Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) 

commissioned by Andrew Wailes and The Australian Children's Choir 


Nunquam Alieno (2010) 7'30" 

for children's chorus SSA + piano 

text by the composer 

commissioned by The Australian Children's Choir in commemoration of the Black Saturday Bushfires in Victoria, Australia in February 2009 

FP: 2010, by The Australian Children's Choir, BMW Edge, Melbourne, Australia 


Ulysses (2010) 2'30" 

for SSATBB chorus 

based on text by Alfred Lord Tennyson  

Little birds of the night

Little birds of the night

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